Polish Bantam Juveniles

We hatched all kinds of Polish Bantam chicks so far this summer, and I love to take their pictures.

Photo Credit to the family of this little girl, which is holding 2 of our chicks, which hatched at their home.

Youngsters 8-07-2015_14 Youngsters 8-07-2015_15 Youngsters 8-07-2015_09 Youngsters 8-07-2015_03 Youngsters 8-07-2015_02 Truffles- July 2015_4 Truffles- July 2015_2 Road's End Hatch-1-4 weeks_5 Feb 2015_4 Feeling better-4-2015 IMG_1219 IMG_1223 IMG_1493 June 2015_2 NewYears Chicks-Feb 2015_2 Chicks Februar 10- 2015_2 Block BusterYoungsters 8-07-2015_16

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